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Back in the '50s and '60s, it was not uncommon to refer to tubular tires as "27 inch" but this was actually an error. The largest size tubular fits 622 mm rims, which correspond to the 700c size. However, in that era, 622 mm clinchers were almost unknown in English-speaking countries. 27" (630 mm) was the closest readily available clincher size, and many cyclists got into the mistaken habit of calling tubulars "27 inch." This has caused a lot of confusion, especially when people try to find "27 inch tubular" replacement tires. Actually, no such size ever existed, it was just sloppy nomenclature.

Schwinn also caused some confusion because it often referred to "27 inch tubular rims." In this case, the adjective "tubular" refers to the way the rims were manufactured, not to anything unusual about the tires. Schwinn "tubular" rims were made from steel tubing that was rolled into the shape of a rim cross section. The 27-inch size takes normal 630 mm clinchers. (The confusion is compounded by the fact that many other older Schwinns did use non-standard tires, but that was only in 26 inch and smaller models.

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