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Shimano Dreigang-Naben

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#WEITERLEITUNG An dieser Stelle geht es ausschließlich um die [[Nexus]] Dreigang-Nabenschaltungsmodelle von [[Shimano]]. Auf diesen Seiten finden sich weiterführende Artikel zu den Themen: * [[Alles über Nabenschaltungen]]* [[Nabenschaltungstheorie]]* [[:Kategorie:Shimano|Weitere Artikel aus dem Shimano Umfeld]] man kann die oben genannten Artikel mit diesem hier zusammen lesen. Für weitergehende Informationen zu zur Montage von [[Ritzel]]n und die Gangspreizung kann man im Artikel [[Alles_über_Nabenschaltungen#Ritzel_und_Kettenbl.C3.A4tter_ausw.C3.A4hlen|Alles über Nabenschaltungen]] nachlesen. ==Shimano Nexus Dreigang-Naben - aktuelle Produktion ab 2017: Oh - wow!== Shimano SG-3D55 3-speed hub with disc brakeshimano SG-3D55 hub The current (2017) generation of Shimano 3-speed internal-gear hubs is available with a coaster brake or with an optional external Rollerbrake or disc brake. The coaster brake is only suitable for flatland use: it will overheat on long downhill runs, like any coaster brake. The Rollerbrake also is somewhat prone to overheat, though the newer high-power model is less so, with its finned heat sink. The disc brake gets very hot but is made to withstand the heat. With any of these brakes, a front brake also should be installed -- see my article about braking and turning. The range of the Shimano Nexus hub is slightly wider than that of other 3-speed hubs:Ratio 0.733 1.000 1.364Step 36.4% 36.4%  Bicycle manufacturers often assume that the middle gear of a 3-speed hub is the "normal" gear. They fudge a bit, lowering the gears in order to keep the top gear from being completely useless, but then the middle gear is too low for level-ground riding. A 3-speed hub will work better for you if you change the sprocket or chainwheel to lower all the gears, so you use the top gear on level terrain. The low and middle gears are then better for acceleration and climbing, too. See the article on internal-gear hubs for detailed advice. Various Nexus 3-speed models have overlocknut dimensions between 127 and 135 mm. These are listed for most hubs in the hub dimensions document linked below. It is usually possible to spread the rear triangle of a steel (Cromoly) frame to the needed width. Any good bicycle mechanic will be able to do this, or you can do it yourself. Most Shimano 3-speeds use a bellcrank and pushrod for shifting, rather than a pulley concentric with the axle. With these hubs, the orientation of the axle does not affect shifting, and oil lubrication is possible by removing the bellcrank and pushrod, then squirting oil into the hollow end of the axle. The Nexus 3-speed bellcrank is aligned in second gear.The yellow line on the paddle should be between the two yellow arrows.Nexus 3-speed bellcrank adjustment Torque on the axle from the gear train is relatively low, and so the bellcrank-shifting hubs use only one non-turn washer, at the left side. The installation instructions specify a yellow washer, type 5R, for the coaster-brake version of the hub to place the axle with its round sides in the edges of the dropout slots. This is normally a right-side washer (so, the "R") but is shown on the left side in the documentation of this hub. A brown washer, Type 5L, is specified for the Rollerbrake version, also installed on the left side. As long as the round, threaded part of the axle contacts the faces of the dropouts so the axle sits straight, another Shimano anti-rotation washer could probably be substituted. The dropouts of an older three-speed bicycle will need to be widened to fit these hubs. File only the bottom of the slots, so you can be sure that the axle sits straight. Dealer's manuals, user manuals and parts lists for all currently supported Shimano 3-speed hub models is accessible with this search. New developments include electrical shifting and a disc-brake version. Information on how to maintain and rebuild Nexus 3-speed hubs is in PDF documents linked below, now accessible only on the Internet Archive. Most other Nexus hubs are similar to the ones described. A video of disassembly and reassembly is available here.Accessing the internal assembly Hub dimensions Maintenance oil Overhaul instructions,SG-3C41 (coaster)SG-3R40 (roller)Push-rod chart Structure and function Tools and lubes Troubleshooting guide The rotary-shifting SG-3R75 uses the same CJ-NX40 cassette joint cable connection as Shimano Drei's 7-Gangspeed hubs. Installation instructions for this hub. Anti-rotation washers are specified for both sides, and must be chosen to align the shifter assembly with the cable. See anti-rotation washer chart. ==Ältere Shimano Dreigang-Naben- Oh Oh!=={{:Shimano 333}} ==Siehe auch==Links:Shimano Nexus technical documents (some). Others are only in the Internet Archive now and are linked Nexus lubricants.Harris Cyclery carries Nexus-equipped bicyclesfrom several manufacturers, including:Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Seattle, Washington, USA -- specializes in internal hubsHubs to upgrade existing bikes ==Quelle==Dieser Artikel basiert auf dem Artikel [ Older Shimano 333 3-speed Hubs] von der Website [ Sheldon Browns]. Originalautor des Artikels ist [[Sheldon Brown]]. {{Weitere Artikel Kategorie|categoryname=Sheldon Brown}}{{Weitere Artikel Kategorie|categoryname=Shimano}}{{Weitere Artikel Kategorie|categoryname=Nabenschaltung}}  [[Kategorie:In Arbeit]]